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Today is Disabled Access Day

Today is #disabledaccess day! When The AutistiX performs we always aim to be fully inclusive and play in accessible venues! All public...

Happy New Year from The AutistiX!

The AutistiX Bio Update February 2024 Happy New Year for 2024 to all our followers! The AutistiX took a couple of weeks off over the...

The AutistiX Band Update May 2023

The name of our unique rock band is The AutistiX, because the youngmusicians who started the band (and named it) are autistic. Our...

The AutistiX EP launch gig TODAY 4th Sept!

After our high energy gig yesterday Enrich Festival We are looking forward to our launch gig later today, Sunday 4th September at the...

The AutistiX - 2 big gigs coming up!

The AutistiX are delighted to announce that we have 2 big gigs coming up in less than 2 weeks! We are headlining @EnrichFestival, an...

At last, a live gig!

The AutistiX were thrilled to all get together again after 7 months separation due to our lead singer Jim, living in Spain and Covid...


Know this: we have not been sitting idle, these many months. We've been recording several new songs, though studio time was interrupted

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