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At last, a live gig!

The AutistiX were thrilled to all get together again after 7 months separation due to our lead singer Jim, living in Spain and Covid preventing him from getting back to the UK to play with the rest of the band (nor being able to visit his family). We met up on Friday 4th March in Manchester, where our gig would be on Saturday. We also met up with @JonnyWoolnough, our guest band member, who agreed to play bass with us (and quite unbelievably, last played with us 10 years ago when we were still very new!) He has just released a beautiful solo album that our followers are bound to really like so we hope that you will listen to it!

We had a great time rehearsing at the @BrunswickMillStudios - for about 4 hours we played and replayed our gig set so the band could chase the cobwebs away and for Jonny to be prepared as possible for our gig the following afternoon. It felt so great to be together and to be getting ready for the gig.

Next day we took some band photos to use over the next months with Jim being back in Spain for several months before coming to the UK again. Then we went to set up for our gig at @TheRoseAndMonkeyHotel for @Yanafest2022 @YouAreNotAlonefestival on behalf of @ManchesterMind. This was a lovely small venue with an excellent atmosphere. We were there in good time but the band before was running late which made everything quite rushed in the end. The stage was the smallest we had ever played on - we have had 2 musicians on the floor but this time 4 of our band had to be on the floor while only our drummer Saul and harmonica player Michael could fit on the stage. We were delighted to have a good sized audience of at least 30 people and a great atmosphere.

Later we had lunch together and then went to see some other bands. We really liked one musician in particular @JamesHoltmusic who we decided would be a good opener for our EP launch that will happen in a few month's time. He's keen to come to London to play so we look forward to being in touch soon.

Now that we have played a live gig we are keen for more (especially our drummer Saul who no sooner finished our gig on saturday before asking about the next gig!)

Keep checking our website for further updates on The AutistiX!

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