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The AutistiX drummer is in a Netflix film ‘I Used To Be Famous’ coming out this Friday 16th Sept!

The AutistiX are very excited to tell you about the remarkable achievement of our drummer Saul Zur-Szpiro. Despite his significant disabilities and challenges he has an amazing ‘ear’ and sense of rhythm. We were lucky to discover this talent and to realise that he could become a drummer. That is what led to our unique band, The AutistiX, to be formed and to show others that they can also achieve in their own area of talent and passion. This applies to everyone, disabled or not, as a musician or other subject!

A relative of Saul’s has known him since he was born and has watched him develop into a drummer and has been so blown away by his talent and achievement that he wrote a film script that was inspired by Saul. With one of the lead roles being based loosely on Saul. It’s a story a washed up ex boy band musician who meets a drummer with autism and how they transform each other’s lives.

Saul is in the film playing hand drums in a drum circle (even though his real passion is playing the drum kit!)

We are so proud of Saul for working so hard, for achieving beyond anyone’s imagination and being such a wonderful role model to others!

It’s called ‘I Used To Be Famous’ Director and screen writer Eddie Sternberg and will be released worldwide by Netflix this coming Friday 16th September. Watch it and let us know how you like it!

Here is the trailer:

Saul with film writer and director Eddie Sternberg and Leo Long, neurodivergent actor and drummer playing the role of Stevie, inspired by Saul!

A review in the Guardian including this picture with Saul visible on the right wearing his typical The AutistiX outfit - band t-shirt, hat and black trousers!

Here is Saul at the cast and crew screening of I Used To Be Famous in Leicester Square, Central London!

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