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Many excellent reviews about 'I Used To Be Famous' & our drummer Saul inspiring the role of Stevie!

Here are a number of reviews of 'I Used To Be Famous', many of which refer to Saul by name!


THE GUARDIAN - Print and Digital‒ September 9, 2022 ‒ “I broke a barrier so people can follow me” by Cath Clarke

CLOSER ‒ September 6, 2022 ‒ “Out This Week!”

TV & SATELLITE WEEK ‒ September 6, 2022 ‒ “Pick of the new releases”

TV & SATELLITE WEEK ‒ September 6, 2022 ‒ “Your Watchlist”

WHAT’S ON TV ‒ September 6, 2022 ‒ “On Demand”


DIGITAL SPY ‒ September 5, 2022 ‒ “Walking Dead's Eleanor Matsuura knows Netflix movie I Used to Be Famous is an unexpected choice” by Ian Sandwell

THE SUNDAY POST‒ September 9, 2022 ‒ “I Used to be Famous — a sweetly handled take on a familiar story” by Murray Scougall (Interview with Eleanor Matsuura)

Print Reviews

HEAT MAGAZINE ‒ September 6, 2022 ‒ “I Used To Be Famous” Film Review by Charles Gant [4 out of 5 stars]

THE TIMES ‒ September 9, 2022 ‒ “I Used To Be Famous” Film Review by Kevin Maher [3 out of 5 stars]

Online Reviews

THE GUARDIAN - September 06, 2022 - “I Used to be Famous review – heartwarming boyband tale beats the neurodivergent drum” by Leslie Felperin [3 out of 5 stars

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The name of our unique rock band is The AutistiX, because the youngmusicians who started the band (and named it) are autistic. Our talented musicians re proud of ourselves, feeling that having autism

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