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The AutistiX Band Bio Update 24th December 2018 - Happy Holidays and Happy New Year for 2019!

We’ve had a busy season performing some autumn local festival gigs – one in pouring rain at East Finchley where we were the highlight act despite freezing and soaking wet weather. We also played another gig at the Crouch End Winter Festival (having played at their summer festival for the past three years). That gig was threatened with awful weather but we were lucky during our set with almost dry conditions and a crowd that grew nicely during our set! We also performed at a special school in Kent where the music teacher had seen us perform earlier in the summer at Festability. The students and staff really enjoyed hearing our short presentation about the band then greatly enjoyed our performance. We were invited back to play at the Arsenal again for the seasonal celebration party of their social community project. This was played as an acoustic set as our drummer was out of town and not available so we took the opportunity to play our music in less of a rock style, which was really successful. It is great to know that we are so versatile in how we play our music and covers and can manage well without our full line up.

We will kick off the New Year with a number of gigs, the first of which will be at our drummer’s old school. He can’t wait to visit and play with his much loved band The AutistiX. Actually we played one of our very first gigs there, back in 2013, and with our original, smaller line up. It’s great how we’ve gone from strength to strength, writing numerous new, original songs, and also adding to our repertoire of covers, building our musical ability, our performing skills, and increasing our following on social media, playing a wide range of gigs in different settings in the UK and abroad. 2019 is already looking like it will be a further successful year for us. We have a new song that is in process. We can’t wait to reveal the song when it is ready as it is about a subject very close to our heart – autism! We also have several other new songs that we can’t wait to start creating, as soon as our newest song is complete!

We have been waiting for a fantastic new piece about The AutistiX to be aired on the BBC (we can’t say yet which programme it is!). We have been promised that the broadcast will finally happen early in the new year. As soon as it gets confirmed we will let you know, so you can tune in!

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