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Latest News From The AutistiX

Since our busy summer of gigs and festival appearances keeping us busy right into October, The AutistiX are now busy working on new songs - it's an amazingly creative time for us. Our new songs include the following: 'Autism!' (yes we have finally written a song about having Autism - this might be a first in the Autism world!) We can't wait to perform it in public! Our other new songs that are almost complete are called 'A 1000 Clouds' and 'Coming in Blue'. We also have other new songs in the pipeline. We plan to record our newest EP early in the new year and will launch it soon afterwards. We have also added several new covers to our repertoire including new Beatles songs for our gigs next year at a number of Beatles festivals, and other numbers too. But to find out, come along to our upcoming gigs - to be announced soon.

Keep following us and tell others about us! Please let us know if we can perform for you - as well as our home base in London, we perform in the rest of the UK and abroad, having played in a number of other countries, we are keen to reach more people who would love our music and also to influence people through our mission to encourage people to value us and thereby appreciate the qualities and talents of musicians with autism and other disabilities.

Thanks for your interest and support!

The AutistiX​

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