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Updated: May 17, 2021

By no stretch of our rock 'n roll imagination has 2020 been a good year for gigs, performances and other opportunities to make music together. Along with the whole world, we hope that'll soon change. Especially as your The AutistiX band members have now had the vaccine! We can't wait to bring our new songs to you, our dear lockdown rockdown audience, and inoculation is our best chance of making the noise happen.

Know this: we have not been sitting idle, these many months. We've been recording several new songs, though studio time was sadly interrupted by the pandemic. And we've written several more, and they're good. At least, we think so. We'll share as soon as possible.

Oh, we just posted (only 3 years overdue) our EP The Meadow Sunshine on our Music page. It's four songs that (we think, in all humility!) are great. Please listen.

And another thing: we also posted the BBC1 The One Show special on Rick Jupp ex of Elbow and The AutistiX film he made, with a short live burst from us. It's over on the video page on this site. Have a watch.

Keep healthy and hale and happy, rockers.

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